Catalogues compared is a UK based blog offering reviews, news, ratings and offers from the UK buy now pay later catalogues market. These catalogues sell all of the items that you might buy elsewhere online but they offer the facility to pay for them over a period of time. There is usually a price to pay for this facility in the terms of interest - you usually have to pay back the price of the goods + interest, similar to a credit card. Some people think this is a bit of a rip off while others think it is a fair price to pay so that they can have their products before they can afford them. Also it offers the ability to budget and plan your payments over the year. That said it is possible to get interest free credit for up to one year. Some catalogues will give you an interest free period of 12 months where you buy your goods and pay for them in a years time. If you do make the repayment on time then you'll only pay the initial price - if you decide you don't want to pay (or can't afford to pay) then you can spread the cost over a longer period but interest will be charged. So - the pro's and cons of catalogue shopping include: Benefits:
  • Spread the cost over a period time rather than paying up front
  • Free returns - if you don't like the item you usually have 14 days to send it back (some items may be excluded)
  • Interest free period
  • Discounts and sales for catalogue members
  • You usually pay a higher price than the normal store prices (especially if you pay over a long period of time)
  • Some catalogues have a high APR
Catalogue accounts are usually run in a similar way to a credit card where you have a credit limit. You can add as many items to your account as long as you stay within your credit limit. Then, also like a credit card, you'll receive a monthly statement of your account where you can pay as little or as much as you like back so long as you pay the minimum amount. Any outstanding balance each month will accrue interest at the agreed rate. So if you think you'd like to use a catalogue site to buy your goods then take a look at our reviews and offers pages to see the latest deals. Some catalogues specialise in a certain type of person or product (i.e plus sized ladies clothing, mens clothing, petite ladies etc) and some are massive catalogues selling absolutely everything you can think of.